The SweenEats Process

Step 1. 

Text or call us first(603-554-0506) 90% of the time you will order directly through SweenEats or be connected to the restaurant of your choice after some preliminary information is captured. (Some restaurants operate on a color / check and balance system and that will be explained to you when applicable)

Step 2.

Follow our instructions.

Step 3.

Be available by phone or text while your delivery is in process.

Step 4. 

Make payment according to the terms established. Please note there is a 4% service charge for all digital transactions.  Cash and digital tips are welcomed.  Your generosity is appreciated and allows us to continue to bring you the best service possible.

Note:  (Please see the "Pay Here" button below for reference on card payments.  This link will be sent to you by text accordingly.)

We’ll do the rest!

We’ll let you know when we we pick up and embark to your location. Communication is important to us.

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